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Interesting Collection of Reggie Kray Memorabilia including Correspondence, a Painting and a Teddy Bear

Lot Number: 305

Interesting Collection of Reggie Kray Memorabilia including Correspondence, a Painting and a Teddy Bear

Giving an insight into the mind of one of the most famous criminals in the UK, these items are on offer for only the second time.


LIVE AUCTION: This lot was auctioned on Saturday 11th November, 2023 at 4.00pm GMT at NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT


Giving an insight into the mind of one of the most famous criminals in the UK, these items are on offer for only the second time.


Please find below an explanation of the lots from the vendor:

I think the Krays are part of history and history is not always nice. These are now documents of historical value and interest.
The letters reveal that Kray enjoyed offering the woman – known as Jane – lots of advice, including recommending various yoga positions. He also wrote “one of my ambitions is to go on a world tour by boat... can you imagine how nice that would be?”
In another Kray urges Jane to send him a photograph in just her bikini and confesses his favourite band is Dire Straits.
“I have just had vitamin pills after having practised yoga in the half light of my cell. I leave the light off while I do yoga.”
He tells Jane she is a “very attractive person” and that “I can imagine you have a personality to match your looks which makes you special, so I can see why your boyfriend is attracted to you. He looks a nice fellow and I note his fingernails are well kept which is good.
“If he (boyfriend) has no objections we can at a later date arrange for you to visit me in the company of my best friend. I will arrange to pay your expenses. Does (your boyfriend) know you have written to me? Give him my best wishes. Love, your friend Reg.”
In another he thanks Jane for sending him a Valentine’s card, saying: “Your card gave me a nice warm feeling. You know, something tells me you and I are going to get on real fine.”
He advises her to stay in London’s Carlton Towers hotel the next time she is in the capital, telling her his old friend (and notorious gangster) Billy Hill would approve. “I had a meal there once with my late friend Billy Hill who used to run London in the 1950s.”
In one letter, he says: “Hello Jane, look up a yoga book and practice exercises for your thyroid gland – the fact it may be weak can cause anaemia. One to do is to sit on the floor and put your legs wide in front of you. Love, your friend Reg xxx.” .
The brothers were convicted of murder in 1969 and by 2000 Reggie was one of Britain’s longest-serving prisoners. In August 2000 Home Secretary Jack Straw ordered his release after he was diagnosed with cancer and given weeks to live.
During his time in jail, Reggie had kept himself in the public eye, giving interviews to media organisations.
In 1998 his application for parole was rejected after the Parole Board said that he remained a devious and manipulative personality.
A teddy bear which Kray gave as a present to Jane and a painting of a beach scene called Tranquillity, which he painted in prison. It is unsure whether he made the teddy bear in Prison as part of his rehabilitation however he looks a very sinister Teddy bear.



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